The Rock Reckons He’s Close To Smacking Down The Longest Golf Drive Ever

We all know people who like to exaggerate their feats of physical and sporting prowess to ridiculous degrees. Every single one of us knew someone back in high school who was being recruited by Collingwood/was a champion go kart driver, actually/had an Uncle who worked for Nintendo.
There’s a big difference between people like that, and people like The Rock. Because on the one hand, those people are almost definitely lying through their arses to cover up insecurities and personality hangups. And on the other hand, The Rock is THE ROCK.
Among the myriad of other physical achievements the man born Dwayne Johnson is able to both claim and back up – “man most likely to resemble several stacked crates of steaks” chief among those – it would seem that Rocky’s newest has its sights set on the Guinness Book of World Records.
Johnson is hard at work filming the new season of his HBO series ‘Ballers,’ aka ‘What if ‘Entourage’ but Sports?‘ and part of that has, would you believe it, taken him onto the golf course.
Not content to simply swing pretty for the camera, Johnson has apparently been straight crushing it down the fairway. And if his claims on Instagram are anything to go by, he’s not far off etching his name in history.
Johnson’s drive game is apparently reaching Happy Gilmore-like proportions, and he took to IG to claim that not only is he the man who knows how to smack it long down the middle, but that his best effort has now clocked in at a staggering 490 yards. That’s 448 metres.
That’s only 25 yards shy of the officially recognised longest recorded drive of 515 yards, or 474 metres set back in 1974.

The world record longest drive is 515 yards set in 1974. My drive here measured an estimated 490 yards by the scientists holding the rulers. I failed math when I was a kid, but I think that’s kinda close. One fun day I will break the world record.”

Now, it should be stated that Rock’s claim of a 490-yard drive has been declared “dubious” by various pro-golfers and experts.

But to counterpoint that: The Rock’s arms look like he’s funnelled sausage meat into two couches. I’m surprised he doesn’t bring down satellites when he plays.

Source: The Rock/Instagram.
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty.