The Canterbury Bulldogs Should Probably Stop Telling Women To Suck Them Off

It’s been zero days since the last NRL sexism scandal!

Unidentified members of the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs team who suffered a 14-4 Grand Final loss to the Melbourne Storm on Sunday night were filmed hurling sexist comments at a female television reporter during the team’s Mad Monday celebrations at Belmore Sports Ground in Sydney yesterday. The comments which aired on Channel 9 last night included “There are some ladies here to stick their heads in your pants”, “I want to go and punch you in the face” and thing that Joel Monaghan may have once said, “Suck me off you dumb dog”. Several players also urinated on the ground in full view of the gathered media.

Australian Rugby League Commission chairman John Grant was quick to describe the incident as “serious” but will let Bulldog officials conduct an internal investigation before taking action. “Based on what I’ve heard, there is no doubt this is potentially a serious issue,” he said. “The process that we’ll now go through is for the club to determine what actually happened, for the club to prepare their own report with their own recommendation. That will then come to us and we’ll have a conversation with them about it.”

Bulldogs chief executive Todd Greenberg has since apologized for the remarks, tweeting “I spoke with the journalist today and apologised on behalf of the club. That’s not how we do business. Will follow up internally!!”

“Follow up internally” meaning find a sacrificial 85 year old groundskeeper to take the fall and ensure the entire organisation pinkie swears to treat all women with respect from now on.

Listen to the comments below…

Photo by Mark Kolbe for Getty Images Sport