Bulldogs Fined $250K By The NRL After Star Players Got Nekkid On Mad Monday

The Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs have been fined a stonking $250,000 by the NRL in response to the antics of the club’s players on Mad Monday, equating to roughly $50,000 for every bare behind captured in photographs of their end of season celebrations.

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NRL chief executive Todd Greenberg laid down the law in a statement this afternoon, saying the celebrations at Sydney’s Harbour View Hotel on Monday were an absolute shambles.

“The players’ behaviour embarrassed themselves, their club and the game on the eve of the finals series,” Greenberg said.

The Bulldogs are also considering doling out fines to players internally. Forwards Adam Elliott and Asipeli Fine are reportedly likely to cop $15,000 fines from the club.

The Daily Telegraph also reported the players who diminished the reputation of the game by celebrating nude may be banned from all future Mad Monday celebrations.

Bulldogs coach Dean Pay, plus general manager Gareth Holmes, haven’t escaped scrutiny either. Both men are reportedly on the hook for failing to keep celebrations from devolving into buck-naked antics in full view of passers-by.

Police are also investigating whether the hotel breached its liquor license during the party.

All of this comes after Greenberg warned all clubs in the competition not to go overboard with their celebrations, considering the business impact such images could entail.

“The actions of some players and officials was inexcusable and we are determined to send a message that it will not be tolerated on this occasion – or in the future,” Greenberg said.

$250,000, or keeping your kit on. Difficult choice.

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