St Kilda & Jake Carlisle Speak Out After Coke-Snorting Video Airs On ACA

St Kilda‘s newest star recruit Jake Carlisle is off to a pretty damn shaky start with the club, after a Snapchat video of him snorting “white powder” (no one has confirmed it’s cocaine, but it’s cocaine) aired on A Current Affair – *literal* hours after he joined the Saints from Essendon in one of the biggest trades of the off-season.

The 24-year-old young gun has cut short a holiday in the US to fly home / face the music after Club CEO Matt Finnis said team captain Nick Riewoldt and the rest of the gang is “absolutely filthy” with Jake for sullying the Saints’ rep. 
He’s also just released a statement apologising for “a very poor decision”, though not acknowledging what substance he was snorting (IT’S COCAINE. WE ALL KNOW IT).
“I have made a very poor decision and let people down and for that I am embarrassed and truly sorry,” he said.

“First, I would like to apologise to all St Kilda members, supporters and staff, AFL fans as well as my new teammates. 

“I am aware of footage being aired of me last night and I want to be upfront and say that I made a mistake.  The video casts me in a very poor light [don’t blame the video, buddy] and reveals clearly inappropriate behaviour which I regret but am accountable for.

“I know that in a few weeks’ time when I join St Kilda I’m going to be expected to be open and honest with my new club so want to start by confirming my error of judgment right now.

“St Kilda have shown great confidence in me and when I start with them I will need to earn their respect and win back the confidence of the playing group and broader Saints community.  I will learn from my mistake and when I return to Australia I will commit to any Club or AFL requirements or educational programs.

“Again, I apologise for my behaviour and stress that when I join my new Club, I will do everything I can to live up to the standards and values they are building at St Kilda.”
For the Club’s part, Finnis has made it very clear Jake’s slip-up isn’t being taken lightly.
Here’s his full statement:
TL:DR? Don’t do drugs and get caught, m8s.

Image via A Current Affair.