South Korea’s World Cup Team Beat Swedish Spies In An Extremely Funny Way

Amid all the soccer drama currently doing the rounds is this absolute knee-slapper of a beauty. It begins with Sweden apologising to South Korea for spying on the squad during one of their training sessions at a pre-World Cup training camp in Austria. 

Sweden and South Korean will take to the field tonight, 10PM our time.

Sweden manager, Janne Andersson publicly apologised after one of the team’s scouts found himself in a private training session. Andersson explained that the scout in question, Lars Jacobsson, had believed the practice was public and left once asked to. Although, there are also claims Jacobsson had rented a house across the road from the Korean’s training ground in order to observe the team. Andersson did not comment on these allegations.

Andersson told the media in the pre-game press conference:

“[Jacobsson] heard about a practice session, he didn’t understand that it was a closed session, he didn’t understand and he watched from a distance.

“It’s very important we show respect for opponents, always and in every way. If it has been perceived in another way, we apologise.”

Always prepared, South Korea masterfully intercepted the spying by swapping players’ numbers because in team manager, Shin Tae-yong’s words “it’s very difficult for westerners to distinguish between Asians.” 

An absolutely fantastic sneak defence.

Tae-yong went onto say:

“All coaches probably feel their opponents are always spying on them. I think it’s perfectly natural that we all try to get as much information on each other as we can.”

No harm, no foul.

As it turns out only Son Heung-min, who’s also the forward for the Tottenham Football Club, and South Korean captain Ki Sung-yueng were the only players to wear their own shirts during the training session.

10PM tonight folks… if SBS is showing it or if Optus Sport works.

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