Some Shitbag On Reddit Faked Being Disabled To Get Better Seats At The AFL

Just about anyone who’s ever stepped foot inside a football stadium has either tried to, or thought about, sneaking past a security guard and into the good seating area to give yourself a cheeky little upgrade on that $25 general admission ticket, but this is taking things beyond crafty and firmly into utter shit behaviour territory.

A footy goer who attended the Essendon vs Fremantle AFL clash on Sunday afternoon at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium has taken to the internet to brag about the fact that they managed to score far better seats at the ground by pretending to have a disability.

The unidentified fan took to Reddit to brag about how they hired a mobility scooter to complete the ruse, allowing them to use a seat at the ground ordinarily reserved for people with actual disabilities.

The post, with an attached photo that has since been deleted (but the internet, she never forgets), asserted “Protip: hiring a mobility scooter and buying a $17 standing ticket at Etihad gets you in a $70 seats (sic).”

Not that this needs stressing, but this unbelievable dog act was summarily dragged to the murky depths of hell by commenters on Reddit, the majority of whom agreed that it was supremely shithouse behaviour.

And when you can get an entire Reddit thread agreeing that what you’ve done is morally reprehensible, then it’s a fair bet that you’ve put several feet wrong.

The fan remains unidentified at the time of writing. Essendon, Fremantle, AFL, and stadium officials have yet to issue comment.