Serena Williams has come from behind to win the first 3 set US Open Women’s final since 1995 against top-ranked Victoria Azarenka 6-2, 2-6, 7-5. It caps off a massive year for Williams who also claimed the Wimbledon and Olympic titles. ‘Greatest ever’ has been bandied about but there is no doubt that, statistically, she is the most durable. Williams won her first major title age 17 at the 1999 US Open. Winning titles 13 years apart at the same Grand Slam tournament represents the longest span of success in the professional era, which began in 1968. Martina Navratilova (Wimbledon, 1978 and 1990) and Chris Evert (French Open, 1974 and 1986) had the longest previous spans of 12 years. In terms of total Grand Slam victories, Williams trails behind Navratilova and Evert on 18 with Margret Court on 24. With the form she has displayed since her returned from serious injury in 2011, Williams looks likely to add to her trophy cabinet before her career is done.

Picture by Mike Stobe at Getty Images