Ryan Lochte Hires Bieber’s Former Crisis Rep To Handle His Rio Shitstorm

Well, damn. Ryan Lochte has officially hired a crisis PR manager to help him sail through the hurricane of shit surrounding the increasingly farfetched claim he was robbed in Rio.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, consultant Matthew Hiltzik confirmed the embattled US swimmer and bearer of questionable dye-jobs now numbers among his high-profile clients. 

If you’re the kind of obsessive person who keeps close tabs on world-class celebrity drama, you might just recognise Hiltzik as the bloke who handled Justin Bieber’s 2011 run-in with a paternity claim.

Remember that one? No? Well, that kinda proves how legit the bloke is. 

Hiltzik also represented NFL player Manti Te’o through the equally baffling saga of the phantom girlfriend. This yarn was already looking like 2016’s equivalent, and Hiltzik’s appointment does nothing to diminish that notion. 
As it stands, Hiltzik will have to contend with the public perception that Lochte covered for the drunken, late-night vandalisation of a service station with the claim he’d been held up at gunpoint.
Of course, that was a tall tale Brazilian authorities shot down earlier today, with the release of security footage showing Lochte and several other US swim team members literally pissing on the servo.

Oh, Lochte and fellow competitive splasher James Feigen have also been indicted by the Federal Police of Brazil over their false robbery reports.

Good luck, Matthew. 

Source: The Hollywood Reporter / Fox News.
Photo: Matt Hazlett / Getty.