Russia Is Letting Fans Take Drugs To The World Cup Which Is 100% Not A Trap

The last FIFA World Cup in 2014 used the sporting organisation body’s intensely corrupt powers to flood the usually bone-dry stadiums of Brazil with oceans of booze, but it looks like officials in Russia are taking things up several notches.

As it turns out, fans heading to the cup in Russia will legally be allowed to take in a backyard chemist’s shopping list of hard drugs, and they’ll be able to do it completely legally.

Y’know, as long as they have the requisite proof that they need it.

The story goes that Russia leads the diplomatic bloc known as the Eurasian Economic Union. Part of that group’s regulations grants travellers the right to bring banned substances into Russia, as long as they have medical documentation written in the Russian language. There’s your catch.

The regulations stipulate a list of drugs that can be brought into Russia by tourists, and remarkably that includes not only marijuana, but cocaine and heroin as well.

The Russian World Cup organising committee has stated that special law enforcement officers will be on duty at World Cup stadiums to help verify that people’s prescriptions for their bag full of Jerry Springers is legit.

That doesn’t even sound remotely like a trap. Not even at all.

People carrying the gear will be required to fill out a special customs declaration form upon entering Russia.

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The 2018 FIFA World Cup is scheduled to kick off on June 14th.