Rabbitohs Players Discharged From Hospital Following Painkiller Overdose

South Sydney Rabbitohs players Dylan Walker and Aaron Gray have been discharged from hospital, and have made a public apology, following their brush with death after overdosing on prescription painkillers early on Tuesday morning – in an incident that put the pair in the Intensive Care Unit.

Walker – 20 – and Gray – 21 – left St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney this afternoon, having fully recovered from the overdose that, were it not for the presence of others on the scene, could have turned tragic in a big hurry.
The pair fronted media outside the hospital to deliver a statement of apology – to friends, family, fans, and their club alike; thanking their Doctors and the hospital staff for their tireless efforts in getting them back to health.
Walker spoke first, stating in part:

“We couldn’t thank enough the doctors, nurses, ambulance people from St Vincent’s Hospital.”

“I would also like to say sorry to our friends and family. It is a mistake that we have made and it is a lesson that we have learned and we hope everyone can take a lesson out of this.”

Gray followed up by claiming the pair had learned from their dance with misadventure:

“We really appreciate everything they have done for us, we could not have asked for better care in the last four to five days.”

“We would like to apologise to our family and friends for what we’ve put you through over the past few days as well, it hasn’t been easy.”

“Thirdly, we would like to say that we’ve learned from our mistakes and hope that everyone can learn from our lessons, not only rugby league players but just people in general, and just take prescription medication as it is on the prescription box.”

The pair were rushed to hospital on Tuesday morning and placed into heavily sedated states after taking more than the prescribed amount of painkillers – which they both had as a result of recent post-season surgery. It’s speculated the drugs in question were the powerful synthetic opioids Oxycodone and Tramadol.

The police and the NRL Integrity Unit are conducting investigations into the incident, which has prompted pressure on the NRL as a whole to look into the recreational usage of prescription painkillers by NRL players.
The incident, according to South Sydney chief executive John Lee, came perilously close to a tragedy.
Lucky, lucky boys indeed.
Photo via Instagram.

via ABC News.