Queensland Police Trolling Hard In Wake Of State Of Origin Loss

The drought is over, sports fans. 

After they claimed a hard-fought 6-4 victory in Sydney last night, the House of New South Wales (sigil: cockroach) finally vanquished the Maroon Walkers north of the wall (sigil: cane toad) and proved that nobody – absolutely nobody – get the better of them nine times in a row. That would just be embarrassing. 

Last night’s low-scoring win ended The Maroons’ historic run of eight consecutive series wins, a feat of sustained origin supremacy likely never to be repeated again.

And today, while Queenslanders dry their tears, attempt to shake off the XXXX monster and deal with the alien notion of disappointment, they’ll be happy to know that the QLD state police force have responded by trolling, this morning posting the following message to their Facebook account: “Please stop calling we cannot arrest Hayne for his performance last night. Either one. #oneinarow? #iminaglasscaseofemotion? #whatisthisfeeling??” 

The two offending Haynes (and people with way too many y’s in their name) being NSW fullback, Jarryd, and match referee, Shayne, who, legend has it, makes Wally Lewis’ statue cry every time he puts Queensland on the short end of the penalty count.  

Extra points for the Anchorman reference. 
Photo: Scott Barbour via Getty Images