NSW Greens MP Jenny Leong is furious, after it came to light earlier today that several serving members of the NSW Police Force had openly participated in a campaign of harassment against her on social media. 

An investigation by Fairfax found that officers from Sydney Local Area Command, Kings Cross, Bankstown and Cabramatta, and even from senior management, had attacked the Newtown MP in a string of Facebook posts. 

One particular post, showing Leong’s Facebook profile picture superimposed with text that read “one condom could have prevented this from happening”, was ‘liked’ by four serving police, including a senior Human Resources manager. 

Other posts seen by Fairfax reportedly mocked Leong’s ethnic background, and referred to her father as a “swamp monkey.”

The NSW Greens are currently attempting to repeal the state’s contentious sniffer dog drug detection program, a move that has earned the ire of many in the police force.

Leong is outraged by these unprecedented attacks, and this morning, announced that she has referred the matter to the police integrity commission for investigation. 

In a Facebook post this morning, Leong said that it’s “completely unacceptable” for police, whose job it is to protect the community, to contribute to this kind of harassment:

Racism and sexism in our society is never acceptable, and while everyone knows there is a dark side to the internet, if these actions have been undertaken by members of the NSW Police serious repercussions must occur.

The role of the police is to protect the community from harmful and aggressive behaviour, given this it is completely unacceptable that police would be actively contributing to sexist and racist attacks.

This kind of harassment is also a serious threat to the health of our democracy and can prevent robust, healthy debate in our communities.

NSW Police are currently investigating the matter, and say that “appropriate action” – whatever that turns out to be – will be taken against officers who have contravened official social media policy. 

Source: Fairfax.

Photo: Jenny Leong / Facebook.