A Pro-Wrestler Almost Killed An Opponent After Throwing A Brick At His Head

Even by normal standards, it’s been a powerfully weird few days in the world of pro-wrestling. Particularly as far as the more macabre death match concept goes.

Firstly, there was the wild yarn concerning actual actor David Arquette (yes, that David Arquette) nearly bleeding to death while wrestling a match in a dingy Los Angeles bar after catching a shard of glass from a light tube in the neck (look it up, holy shit). And now down in Mexico there’s this incident which came perilously close to being a legitimate televised murder.

[jwplayer ufxzSg8Y]

A Puerto Rican wrestler known as Cuervo (Raven in English) has been hospitalised after wrestling a match against Angel o Demonio (Angel or Demon) in which he suffered a fractured skull.

The cause? Angel o Demonio pegged a fucking cinderblock at his head.

The match, being run for the Lucha Libre Boom promotion, was immediately called off after Angel hurled the large brick at Cuervo, striking him in the back of the head and immediately knocking him out cold.

A warning, the footage is pretty brutal.

Absolutely disgraceful scenes.

Though Angel immediately apologised, he was ushered away by event doctors who escorted Cuervo backstage. The injured wrestler was rushed to hospital shortly thereafter, and reportedly underwent successful surgery to remove a blood clot – an epidural hematoma. He is reportedly recovering well and a benefit show is being organised in Mexico to help cover his medical costs.

The footage has been widely condemned by the wrestling community as reckless and extremely dangerous, and Angel has reportedly been slapped with an immediate indefinite suspension by the Boxing and Wrestling Commission of the State of Mexico.

WWE legend Kurt Angle weighed in on the incident as well, requesting 10 seconds alone with Angel o Demonio to, presumably, have a stern chat and definitely nothing else.

Here’s a lesson for any burgeoning pro-wrestlers among you: Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to shoot murder your opponent. Not even accidentally. Don’t do it. Don’t even think about it.