‘Open Court Sessions’ Has Launched Oz-Wide If You Need A Tennis Hit But Kinda Suck At It

What do you think of when you think of tennis? White outfits? People Shushing? Ash Barty because obviously the woman is a Queen? The latter is obviously appealing to all people and is the main reason I’ll be watching the Aussie Open. The two former ones though can sometimes make tennis feel like more of an elite sport – not for the masses.

What’s more, 43% of Aussie adults reckon it’s the commitment to an entire season or day of competition that holds them back from giving it a swing (sorry, it was right there, I went for it).

This is exactly why Tennis Australia has launched its new, very social, not at all stuffy tennis offering – Open Court Sessions. The best part is you can be a total tennis newb and still fit right in. Mates, you can have a drink and/or snack in hand and STILL fit right in. Some tennis clubs will even serve you booze on the court. I’m just saying, they’re talking my tennis language.

See below for joyous reference:

Just turn up to one of the 1000+ participating clubs around Australia and join in the 90-minute sessions. Prices vary but will set you back about $20. Bringing your own tennis gear and/or a crew is welcomed, but not necessary.

Also no, it’s not 90-minutes of tennis. It’s about 10-minutes of warming up, 50-minutes of a range of tennis activities (yes that means anything from triples on a full-size court to other games that practice tennis skills). Then you get 30-minutes of eating and chatting with everyone else who showed up. By the way, you get to do it all to pumping tunes – no silence here.

Ready to cause a racquet? Open Court Sessions will be running throughout the week as of today with no end date in sight. Visit their website to find a participating tennis club near you and the next available session, then sign up.