One Of US College Football’s Biggest Games Ended In Wild Circumstances

College Sports in the United States is an insane spectacle of mass cult-like devotion to teams of exploited young athletes all of whom are virtual slaves to a deeply corrupt sporting organisation that wholly profits from (sometimes permanent) injury under the intensely flimsy pretence of “academia.” It also absolutely owns. Today’s College Football Rose Bowl game was a shining testament to that.

This year serving as a semi-final in the College Football Playoffs, the Rose Bowl played host to the 3rd-seeded Georgia Bulldogs – touted as the best defence in America – and the 2nd-seeded Oklahoma Sooners, behind Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Baker Mayfield; a man with a more white-bread Americana name you will never find.

That the game went to overtime is notable in and of itself; it’s the first Rose Bowl game in its 102+ year history that’s ever gone to overtime. But that it went to double overtime, and ended the way it did, pushes it over the edge to one of the all-time great games in college football history.

After a Georgia comeback that rattled off 24 unanswered points, and with both teams trading field goals in the first overtime period, Oklahoma had a chance to take the game by the throat with a fairly regulation field goal attempt in OT2.

Georgia’s defence had other ideas.

A few plays later, a direct snap to running back Sony Michel put the ‘Dogs into their first National Championship Game in the CFP era, with the Georgians now looking to claim their first national college title since 1980.

In their path, one of two heavyweights: Perennial contenders Clemson and the might-as-well-just-let-them-skip-the-season Alabama Crimson Tide. Those two sides are currently duking it out to see who else goes to Atlanta next Monday to vie for College Football’s biggest prize.

Still, that’s a game to remember. One for the annals. Corrupt annals, sure. But annals all the same.