NRL Grand Final: Bulldogs Vs Storm Live Blog

It’s that last Sunday in September when dreams are won and lost. Sydney have stolen the AFL premiership. Can Melbourne return serve 24 hours later. The blue skies will favour attacking football. There’s only 25% chance of rain. Actually thats the same percentage of actual meat required to be in those 4 & 20’s i just whacked in the oven. Footy! Join us at 5:15pm for our live blog!

5:10 – You’re much bigger than me. I’m not gonna argue.

5:15 – Just getting my breath after Gus’s opening monologue!

5:22 – “Talk about a voice. That is a voice!” Rabs already cross-promoting.

5:23 – Kick off!

5:25 – Sam Perret almost with a try scoring intercept. Just goes down.

5:27 – “How do you do, my name is Krisnan Inu!” Classic Rabs. Good hit too.

5:29 – Ryan Hoffman off Widdop’s shoulder and into the corner. Hoffman is a pretty popular pick for the Churchill. Good start. Smith is off target with the conversion. Storm: 4 Bulldogs:0

5:32 – Uh oh! Benny Barba spills an uncontested bomb. Is his dream run gonna fall one game short?

5:34 – All Melbourne. Storm get penalty in front. They go the tap. Pretty confident.

5:36 – Inu penalised for falling asleep on Widdop. That’s a new one! They tap again!

5:37 – Storm force a drop-out and get their 15th set in a row. (ok, 4)

5:38 – High tackle on Smith. 3rd in a row. Smith finally takes the two. Bulldogs… can tackle.

5:40 – Whoops. Chewy on Smith’s boot. Misses another sitter! Storm: 4 Bulldogs:0

5:47 – Doggie do like a shepherd.

5:49 – Try doggies and biff!

5:51 – Looks like a try to Perrett and then an old fashion argie-bargie.

5:53 – And it’s been awarded a try. Billy Slater is on report. Hang on! Is James Graham on report for biting Slater’s ear? I don’t know!

5:54 – Inu misses conversion. I’m counting ears? Storm: 4 Bulldogs:4

5:55 – Ok, say Graham is the biter apparently. Well, he is English.

6:00 – Widdop with try-saving ankle tap on Reynolds. Push and shove

6:01 – Cooper Cronk is pulling strings as he puts Slater over! Nice to watch. I wonder if Smith can kick one? #KickinglikeBuddy

6:02 – Ok. I’ll eat my words. Smith converts. Storm:10 Bulldogs:4

6:05 – Andrew John, 8th Immortal, circling the stadium in a Black Hawk Chopper. Hasn’t been that high in years.

6:07 – Yeah Rabs. Big Bang Theory AND Two And A Half Men. If you’re playing the Pedestrian Drinking game… I’m sorry. Drink up!

6:09 – Cronk firming as the Churchill. Cross-field kick to O’Niell for the try!

6:10 – Smith misses again but it was a tough shot. Storm:14 Bulldogs:4 HALFTIME!

6:15 – It was all Storm! Doggies have the attack to peg them back but have the tackled themselves into the ground.

6:28 – And we are back!

6:32 – High tackle on Stagg. Doggie with a chance to strike back early.

6:36 – Perret knocks one back and Josh Jackson (not of Mighty Ducks/Dawson’s Creek fame) is bundled over the sideline.

6:38 – How good would it be if Joshua Jackson got an NRL contract!

6:40 – Ennis held up. Doggies strong start to half!

6:43 – Smith misses another penalty goal. #SeeHeIsKickingLikeBuddy

6:48 – “They are absolutely perfect, the Melbourne Storm.” You can say some silly things Gus but you are bang on there.

6:52 – Hand of god! Slater knocks it ou of Morris’ grasp after a Barber break and kick. Class

6:52 – “How have I knocked on?” – “Because you knocked it forward with your hands.” Touche. If referee’s had a scoreboard, they could chalk one up there.

6:58 – Wright knock’s on in a bat down to an Eastwood grounding. No try!

7:00 – Doggie giving it all but running out of time. Storm are just so clinical! Cronk has to be the Churchill!

7:02 – Norrie over after a kick regather but offside! Would have been his 7th try ever! And it’s his last game… ever.

7:05 – “Get the fuck back!” Uh oh. Barba blows one at a teammate. Prichard no less. Pick your battles bro!

7:10 – Storm too good! Nearly over. Doggies tried hard but Melbourne have been perfect.

7:11 – Another Barba break but well contained.

7:11 – Craig Bellamy losing his shit on coaches box. Seriously. You can’t lose from here… can you?


7:15 – Not quite the nailbiter we predicted. The Storm got in front and held on. The Dogs were gutsy but weren’t goos enough on the day. Boom!