Nick Kyrgios has served aces at Novak Djokovic on Twitter once again, this time reminding everyone that although he may have gone the whole year unbeaten, Djokovic definitely did bail on his catastrophic Adriatic tour in June.

“Hell of a tennis player. May go unbeaten in 2020,” Kygrios said in the tweet.

“Unfortunately when he was supposed to show some leadership and humility he went missing.”

Oof, that’s some top speed serve that’s ripped straight through the back fence, there.

If you can’t remember back to June (it’s been a year, I know) Kyrgios is referring to the Adria Tour that Djokovic co-created, and then absolutely ghosted on when several players tested positive for coronavirus in Serbia. Inlcuding himself and his wife, Jelena Dokovic. A big ol’ yikes, especially when footage emerged of Djokovic and others dancing shirtless and sweaty in a club surfaced online.

Oh and then, Djokovic turned around and said the anger and backlash surrounding his truly baffling tour in the midst of a pandemic was nothing short of a “witch hunt”. The mind boggles, honestly.

Though some fans have replied worriedly that Djokovic might be living rent-free in Kyrgios’ head this year (which is fair but also he makes it so easy to take potshots), others are relieved that the GOAT has returned to his no-bullshit throne.

Don’t ever change, Nick, and please don’t EVER leave Twitter.

Image: Getty Images / Matthew Stockman / Kelly Defina