Nick Kyrgios Has Exactly 2 Words To Say About Dawn Fraser’s Order Of Australia

It was in Hamlet, I believe, that through the character Polonius, Shakespeare famously committed to paper the now immortal phrase: “Brevity rules.” Clearly not just a student of beating the shit out of a tennis ball with a racquet but also a student of the arts, Nick Kyrgios appears to have taken this advice on board.

Sure, you could comment on Dawn Fraser being awarded an Order of Australia by talking at length about how Australia is willing to overlook certain kinds of bigotry because those kinds of bigotry are deeply woven into Australian society at all levels of power, or you could cut the shit and do this:

If you’re unfamiliar with the past transgressions of national treasure Dawn Fraser, let me reacquaint you with some of the ways she has Margaret Court‘d controversy. Back in 1997, she threw her lot in with Pauline Hanson, expressing her wish that she could be more outspoken, like Hanson, and just come out and say things like “look, I’m sick and tired of the immigrants that are coming into my country.

Slightly more recently, in 2015, Fraser came under fire for telling both Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic to go back where they came from during an appearance on Today:

If they don’t like it, they can go back to where their fathers or their parents came from – y’know, we don’t need here them here in this country.

It is truly inspiring to know that after 18 years of time to reflect and change, you can make no personal growth whatsoever.

Get ready for News Corp tomorrow to rally around Fraser as she battles nasty two-word criticisms from one of those dastardly immigrants we’ve been hearing so much about.