Jeremy Howe Somehow Didn’t Win AFL Mark Of The Year & Fans Are Salty AF

How bloody good are speckies, but? Copping a ride on some unsuspecting defender’s back and soaring to the heavens to pull down an absolute screamer. It’s one of the best aspects that the AFL has, and judging the best grab of the year is usually a fairly open-and-shut case. But this year, after the 2017 Mark of the Year was announced at last night’s Brownlow Medal count, people’s brows are well and truly furrowed.

Collingwood backman Jeremy Howe, who should frankly have the award named after him given how prolific his spring heels are, was widely tipped to take the gong out for this unbelievable effort against Melbourne back in Round 12.

Problem is that the “award” is publicly voted, meaning it’s at the mercy of fans clicking. And with Howe’s Magpies teammate Brodie Grundy also present in the nominations, effectively stealing votes away from Howe, it was Essendon good boy Joe Daniher who instead took home the yearly chocolates for this slightly-less-mighty leap.

A good grab, for sure. But Howe’s is *winces as my Bombers-supporting hands type this* objectively better.

The general consensus on Twitter backed that, with howls that Howe was robbed echoing throughout the night.

At the time of the announcement, Howe looked ahhh… less than impressed.

Good, I see there was no shortage of salt at dinner last night.

But to his credit he was quick to congratulate Big Joey on the rare air.

At some point though there’s gonna come a year where Howe will have all three nominations for Mark of the Year. And even then someone’ll probably find a way to screw him out of it.

Football. It’s a strange old game sometimes.