Insane Footage Shows The WWE Ring Collapsing Under Two Extremely Giant Men

Part of the fun of professional wrestling is seeing two absolute mammoth human beings throw hams at each other like a Christmas Day food fight.
Sure, it’s a beautiful, wonderful technical artform when performed correctly, and watching smaller athletes fling themselves around the ring in gorgeous choreographed symmetry is a complete joy.
But even the most ardent of wrestling fan (g’day) will admit that there’s nothing quite like seeing two big hosses who can go butt heads. It’s a true spectacle.
On the WWE‘s flagship weekly TV show ‘Monday Night Raw‘ which aired in the US earlier today (SPOILERS INCOMING), psycho human Mack truck Braun Strowman (aka the man who put such an insane, hospital-grade beating on Roman Reigns seven days ago that Reigns could be on the shelf for two whole weeks) butted heads with the E’s oft proclaimed “World’s Largest AthleteThe Big Show.
Show is legitimately in the best shape of his career having shredded down for a WrestleMania match with Shaquille O’Neal that never happened, and Strowman has demonstrated the ability to literally eat human beings whole.
The slugfest of a match emulated the shockingly good brawl the pair had a couple of months ago on Raw.
Except this time around, this happened:

The entire ring bloody collapsed.

Or, y’know… it “collapsed,” wink wink. But staged or not (staged), that’s a hell of a visual.
Highlights include:
  • The legitimately quite heavy checker plate ring steps going through almost a full flip (LUCHA STEPS!)
  • Senior referee John Cone being thrown out of the ring so violently that his Wikipedia page has already been edited.
Those of you with long enough memories and/or who are as big a nerd as I am will quickly note that this is the third time the WWE has pulled off the ole’ Collapso Ringo™ stunt.
Back in 2011 legitimate Olympian Mark Henry put Big Show through the ring during their World Heavyweight Championship match at WWE Vengeance. Then further still, scariest person I’ve ever laid eyes on Brock Lesnar did the same thing to Show during the June 12th, 2003 episode of ‘WWE Smackdown.’
The only difference this time, is that Braun Strowman actually managed to get up.

My godd. Who on earth could ever stop this man?

*very quietly* Samoa Joe.

Source: WWE/Twitter.