AFL Clears Hannah Mouncey To Play At State Level In 2018

Following on from their decision to bar trans player Hannah Mouncey from nominating for the 2018 AFLW season, the AFL has made a ruling allowing her to play state league football in Victoria.

As The Age is reporting, Mouncey has been cleared to play in any AFL-associated state league as the AFL “finalises its gender diversity policy“.

Despite the AFL’s nominal adoption of the International Olympic Committee‘s guidelines for the inclusion of trans players and Mouncey’s testosterone levels testing well below the cut-off level suggested by those IOC guidelines, the AFL made a last-minute to decision to bar her from the AFLW due to “physical disparity“, a standard I can’t imagine is applied to ciswomen in the league that are of a similar size.

A statement from AFL general manager of inclusion and social policy Tanya Hosch reiterated the AFL’s position that their forming ruling did not apply to the 2019 season and they would be reconsidering Mouncey’s case:

We are committed to inclusion, and want all Australians to be able to play or participate in our game. These are complex issues and we are considering expert opinion, international frameworks and feedback from the communities that are impacted by our decisions.

A bunch of deadshits have already used the announcement as an excuse to abuse Mouncey, apparently not at all fussed by the idea revealing themselves to be huge pieces of shit:

Why are people like this.