Pls Pray For This Ball Boy Who Got Straight-Up Destroyed At The French Open

We know that there are few things as riveting as a really good sporting mishap, so with that in mind, we invite you to please enjoy the below fairly hectic video that shows Bosnian player Damir Džumhur straight-up smashing into a hapless ball boy at the French Open.

Džumhur, the 26th seed, was facing off against rival Alexander Zverev when the unfortunate incident occurred. During the third set, he ran from the base line to catch a stray ball, and the youngster had the same idea. Both were looking up into the sky and not at each-other when the smashed into one-another.

“I’ve heard of a grand slam, but this is ridiculous” said someone’s dad, probably:

Clearly feeling terrible, Džumhur came to the ball boy’s aid and helped him off the court. The boy appeared fine, laughing it off almost instantly, and a short time later, the Tennis Channel shared a weird and possibly cursed gif of him giving a thumbs-up.

Check out my dude right here, looking super happy with himself like he stood up to the bullies in some kind of ’90s after-school special:

Unfortunately, things did not end so well for Džumhur, who was knocked out by the number two-seeded Zverev in five rounds.