Folks Are Putting Out Their Cheese Boards To Mourn Melb Demons’ Finals Hopes

If you weren’t watching the fight of the century yesterday, then I daresay your eyes were probably on the very final games of the AFL season, where it all came down to the wire to lock in that final eight.

After the Melbourne Demons coughed up the chance to lock away their spot in the final eight thanks to an untimely spanking by the lowly Collingwood Magpies on Saturday, all eyes were on the West Coast Eagles, who were up against a seemingly unbudging, top-of-the-table Adelaide Crows. If the Eagles got up over the Crows, the Dees were in serious trouble.

Surely the Dees had that eighth spot locked in, right?

The confirmation of the finals teams came down to percentages, and in the final minute and a half of the game – with the Eagles actually looking like they were about to beat the #1 team – poor Dees missed out on finals by .5 of a percent. A genuine bee’s dick of a margin.

The absolute madman that is Warwick Capper thought it would be funny to give a cheeky nod to the Dees, and in the same vein of that bloody lord that took a whole charcuterie board to the MCG a couple of weeks back, he put out a cheese board.

And thus, #PutOutYourCheesePlatters and #PutOutYourCheeseBoards were born.

It’s impossible to not feel bad for the Dees and their fans after the weekend and losing their finals dreams to a game that they had no control over.

Me? I’m cheering ‘cos my very good Essendon Bombers are sitting happily in 7th. Finals, baby!