Dylan Alcott Donates $40k To Bushfire Victims With Disabilities After Australian Open Win

dylan alcott Australian open

Tennis legend Dyan Alcott has won his 6th consecutive Australian Open title.

Alcott took out the title after beating the U.K’s Andrew Lapthorne in the finals of the men’s quad wheelchair event, winning with straight sets, 6-0 6-4 at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena.

Dylan took to Instagram after the match to thank fans and supporters from “the bottom of [his] heart.”

As if a sixth consecutive Australian Open win wasn’t enough to certify him as a deadset legend, Alcott used his post-match victory speech to announce that he’s donating a whopping $40,000 to victims of the bushfire crisis with disabilities.

“I was donating $100 per ace at the Australian Open and then all my team actually came on board,” he said in the speech, acknowledging the financial assistance from his team that helped to multiply the donation. “So, we actually donated $800 per ace and coming in to today I served 41 aces.”

His win at Rod Laver Arena put him at a record 10 Grand Slam titles in his career. In addition to that, he’s also got two US Open wins in 2015 and 2018, as well as his French Open and Wimbledon wins from last year. So you could say he’s got a pretty impressive resume at this point.

In truly heartwarming news, Alcott also used his post-match speech to acknowledge the Australia Open’s inclusivity efforts to be the best of the four Grand Slam events across the globe.

“Look around the top row every single person on the top row pretty much has a disability and the disability seat,” he said, pointing out that the seats were full.

“So to any young person, keep doing what you are doing and I promise you as we continue to grow, society will support you and help you do whatever you want to do.”