The Australian tennis legend and Paralympian Dylan Alcott copped his very own mural as part of Nike’s partnership with the Australian Open.

The 29-year-old sporting star, radio personality and motivational speaker has been a huge spokesman for inclusivity in sport (and general life), and honestly deserves a hundred murals at this point just for being a deadset legend.

Thankfully, Nike has commissioned an absolute beauty of a mural right in the heart of Melbourne, because what could brighten your day more than seeing a building-sized portrait of Dylan Alcott? Nothing!

Located in Richmond, the mural was whipped up by local artist Connor McLennan, who hand-paints huge, wall-sized works of art that honestly belong in a museum.

Dylan took to Instagram to share the huge honour, making a point to zoom in on his “sexy pointy lips.”

“My Nike Court and Nike Australia fam surprised me with this mural in Melbourne for the Australian Open,” he captioned the post.

Look at this! McLennan deserves his own mural for his sheer artistic talent.

At this point, Dylan Alcott deserves the keys to the fucking city. He’s won countless awards for his sporting and general life accomplishments, and continually breaks down barriers for diversity and inclusivity in Australia. Not to mention, he founded the Dylan Alcott Foundation to help young Aussies with disabilities find self-confidence and reach their full potential.

It’s been a huge 12 months for Dylan Alcott, and its fucking incredible that he’s finally getting the recognition he deserves. Here’s hoping this mural stays up for years to come, and doesn’t get a thick coat of white paint as soon as the Aus Open wraps up next month.

The 2020 Australian Open kicks off on January 20, and will wrap up on February 2. You can find out more information on individual matches and events on the Australian Open website.