If The Dolphins’ Big R1 Roosters Upset Is Anything To Go By, The NRL Is In For A Red-Hot Szn

The Dolphins Debut In the NRL Beating Sydney Roosters

To be completely transparent, I only talk about sports when my team *cough* Parramatta Eels *cough* make it to the grand final, BUT, can we just appreciate the debut of the highly anticipated team, the Dolphins?

While I’m more of a casual watcher and *kinda* get the gist of what’s going on in the footy, even I can see that the Dolphins winning is a big deal. Like, we need to keep an eye on this candy-cane looking club and how they’re about to shake the world of NRL.

To give you the TL;DR: the new team smashed their way through their first match on Sunday night, beating NRL heavyweights Sydney Roosters, 28 – 18. The match itself was quite glorious, and even though I’m an Eels girly at heart, the whole idea of the Dolphins winning against the Roosters is giving under-dog vibes.

Former North Queensland Cowboys player Hamiso Tabuai-Fidow was the first player to score a try for the Dolphins in their debut match. 

After slaying the game, Dolphins coach Wayne Bennett  got witty during the post game press conference  and joked with journalists saying that he wasn’t “feeling too bad” after the match.

Bennett went on to praise the game and said, “I got no, no beef with anything I did today, I was pretty proud with everything I did. It was a top game of footy”.

“There are so many winners today but the biggest winner today is the game,” Bennett added.

After the win, the Dolphins celebrated with their first song in the locker room.  I honestly have no clue what they’re saying besides the “hoo-haa’s” but it still made me emotional?

I’m a sucker for a good sport chant.

Before their major debut, the Dolphins were closely watched via Stan’s doco Dawn of The Dolphins, which followed Bennett and his journey preparing the team for the NRL.

And again, I can be a bit clueless when it comes to the lore of NRL teams and everything surrounding the game, but as Kath Day-Knight said, “There’s a feeling in me waters” and I think that feeling is for everyone to keep an eye on this new team.