Does Anyone Care That Australia Are Number 1 In The World At Hockey?

So the Kookaburras are number 1 in the world! That’s pretty cool right? I guess we’ll take whatever we can get in the post-Warne/Eales/Johns/Thorpe dark days where international sporting supremacy is the exception, not the rule. But given the fact that the Kookaburras need to reclaim their world number 1 ranking (or not win an Olympic gold) to rate any mention in the media poses the very obvious question; does anyone give a toss about hockey?

Test yourself out. How many hockey personalities do you know. I got one point for

  Ric Charlesworth but that was an even money guess. I knew he was either a hockey coach or a sailor – or maybe equestrian? What about women? At least out hockey apathy isn’t sexist.  Far from having a mean spirited dig at our hockey stars, it just seems a little unfortunate. As semi-professionals world conquering elite athletes, you’d think we’d have a little more love to share, but when Shane Warne’s open-ended, vague threat to come out of retirement tweet generates more press than your sport has in its entire existence, then you know you’ve got an uphill battle.

Thing’o, whatshisname, and that-guy celebrate a thoroughly deserved victory. 

For the record, the Kookaburra’s defeated the Netherlands 2-1 in extra time. Having had the best of the attacking opportunities, the Kookaburra’s where repelled for shot after shot by Dutch goalie

Jaap Stockmann who was brick-shitting-housing-it (English translation: Solid as a rock). After four minutes of golden-goal extra time, Kieran Govers blasted a cracking shot past Stockman for the win. It was the Kookaburras fifth successive Champions Trophy title.

If you are, or know of anyone who is, a struggling elite hockey player, drop us a line. We’d love to hear how you guys get by. 

Pictures by Michael Dodge/Getty Images