Did Mary Fowler Just Soft Launch Her Relationship With Nathan Cleary On IG? An Investigation

It was a big 2023 for Australia’s heroes, the Matildas, and it seems like 2024 kicked off with a bang for our football superstars. In this case, it seems like Mary Fowler has ~allegedly~ soft launched her relationship with Penrith Panthers champion Nathan Cleary. Love is truly in the fucking air. 

Literally a couple of days after Ellie Carpenter announced her engagement to fellow footballer Danielle van de Donk, Fowler posted an Instagram photo dump featuring a photo that some fans believed showed her cuddling up to the Panthers captain.

The photo dump began with a gorg photo of Fowler at the beach followed by snaps of her groodle Maple, an acai bowl and then BAM! A balcony photo of a beach. But towards the left side of the pic, a reflection revealed what seems to be Fowler next to another person. Some fans believe that this is the one and only, Nathan Cleary.

(Image source: Instagram / @maryfowlerrr)

Since posting the IG dump, fans flocked to the comments to question the Man City footballer’s picture and the person in the reflection.

“The 5th pic,” one person wrote, followed by the suss eye emoji.

“Was waiting for a debut,” another person commented, tagging a friend.

“You and Nathan are so adorable, wishing you guys a great year ahead,” wrote a third.

Heaps of other punters wished the footballer a happy new year and commented how the fifth pic in the IG carousel — the photo allegedly featuring Cleary — was their fave.

Is it really Nathan Cleary in Mary Fowler’s photo?

Honestly, I think there could be a good chance that it could be the Panthers champ. Although the pair have yet to publicly confirm their relationship, there have been many moments they’ve been papped together since rumours of a romance began to surface.

To give you a TL;DR on the relationship timeline of Australia’s power couple, rumours of a romance first began to swirl during last year’s FIFA Women’s World Cup after the lads at the Hello Sport podcast claimed that saw a Sydney Morning Herald article about the pair going on an ice cream date.

Soon after fans jumped on that ship, someone from Cleary’s camp claimed the alleged date was “just ice cream”, but a week later, The Daily Telegraph shared a pap photo of Fowler and Cleary on a walk at Nepean River.

In September 2023, Cleary attempted to shut down relationship rumours with the footballer, telling News Corp it’s “a little bit annoying to not have a private life”.

Two months later, the Matildas returned to Oz for the Olympic Qualifiers, Cleary and Fowler were papped getting a bit love-dovey in Perth, which sorta confirmed the relationship allegations. Cleary was also spotted in the crowd at one of the qualifiers, supporting the gals.

(Image Source: Getty Images / Paul Kane)

Honestly, the paparazzi are like flies on dog shit when it comes to these two because, towards the end of the year, they papped them sharing a quick snog at Sydney Airport and a dinner party in Queensland.

As for this recent development, Cleary nor Fowler haven’t confirmed who’s in the reflection, but I have an inkling it could be Penrith’s golden boy. Awkies if it ain’t…

But if it is, it’s sweet, it’s cute and it’s like my two favourite sports combined.

Good on them if this is their way of confirming their romance!!!