Ricciard-Hos Rejoice Bc It Seems Like Daniel Ricciardo Will Keep His AlphaTauri Seat In 2024

If you were devastated by the news that Formula 1’s sweetheart Daniel Ricciardo had broken his hand, putting his racing career and his sought-after spot in the F1 in question, you can let out a sigh of relief. Because it turns out our boy most likely won’t be booted from his spot as an AlphaTauri driver for the 2024 F1 season.

Thank god! I bet Netflix is throwing a little party with streamers and fairy bread knowing that the next season of Drive To Survive will feature his show-stopping smile and larrikin antics.

According to F1 reporter Tobi Grüner, Ricciardo is set to keep his seat next to fellow AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda, with the announcement happening in a few week’s time.

This is fantastic news for fans of Australia’s collective boyfriend and the zoom king himself, who is currently working super hard to rehabilitate his hand and come back to the sport stronger than ever.

But the claim that Tsunoda and Ricciardo will take the AlphaTauri seats comes as a bit of a shock to fans after junior driver Liam Lawson drove in Ricciardo’s place and straight up impressed the pants off everyone.

The 21-year-old New Zealander, who has been described as a rising star of the sport, stepped up out of necessity when Ricciardo was injured. And boy, did he make his mark. In his latest race at the difficult track in Singapore, Lawson nabbed the ninth spot which means he snatched a couple of points for the Championship point tally. Not too shabby for a newbie!!!!

After significantly beating his teammate Tsunoda, fans began to wonder whether Lawson would be considered for a permanent spot in the 2024 lineup, which is due to be announced pretty soon. And Lawson made it pretty clear that he was 100 per cent down to be a permanent fixture in the Red Bull’s little sibling team.

So, if Grüner is to be believed, that means we can expect our sweet king Ricciardo to be back in the driving seat, and eventually back on our Netflix screens, for good once he’s all healed up and ready to go. Well, for the next year at least.

Daniel Ricciardo AlphaTauri
Ricciardo was helping out in Singapore with an engineering role. What can’t he do? (Image Source: Getty Images Qian Jun/MB Media)

Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix, Red Bull’s big dog and Ginger Spice’s husband Christian Horner said that he’s low-key hoping our sweet Australian prince will be right as rain for the Japanese Grand Prix on September 24 (good luck, king) but is expecting him back for the Qatar Grand Prix on October 9.

God speed, king!

(Image Source: Getty Images / Qian Jun)