COME ON: 13 Times Aussie Sport Dug Deep & Gave 110% In 2016 (So Far)

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Holy balls – it’s August.

I know this because, other than our toilet-door calendars, acquaintances are getting at me with, “Omg, this year is going so fast” in desperate scrambles for small talk. Cute, really, and I say that 100% condescendingly. 

Annoying / predictable? Yeah, but it does make us get our retrospect on and think about what’s been going down over the last eight months, such as the absolute doozy of a 2016 the Aussie sporting world has had. 

We’ve shared all the moments from retirements to record breaking, gender equality progression and truly warm and fuzzy-inducing underdog breakthroughs (and some even better times watching them again and again, and then sharing them again and again, with all of your mates / anyone who’d pretend to watch with you). 

Needless to say, it’s been an epic year (so far) that deserves some serious attention.

Shall we?

1. Lleyton Hewitt retires from singles tennis / letting down hopeful Aussies everywhere.

2. Aaron Woods jumps for joy, fails miserably and sparks dank memes in the process.

3. Adelaide United wins first-ever A League title, because there’s a first time for everything etc.

4. Cronulla Sharks win 16 games in a row, because good things come in sixteens.

 5. AFL announces eight women’s teams for the historic national league. About bloody time.

6. ‘Straya wins the Quidditch World Cup and we’ll forever be in J.K. Rowling’s debt.

7. Netball Australia announces ‘uge broadcasting deal Nine / Telstra – the first of its kind for women’s sport. (More deets 

8. QLD win State of Origin (lol yet again), marking 10 victories in 11 years.

9. QLD Firebirds win back-to-back ANZ championships against Sydney Swifts in extra time – the last game before the ANZ Championship is reformatted for next season.

10. Jarryd Hayne signs to the GC Titans instead of Parramatta for about 1.2million.

11. Brent “Boomer” Harvey breaks the record for most games ever played in AFL at 427 games. That’s more than a year of non-stop games. 

12. Sydney Swans and 
St. Kilda Saints to play first-ever match dedicated to the LGBTQIA footy community. One small step for sport, one huge step for mankind.

13. Typically average-at-best Melbourne Demons beat Hawthorn Hawks (who’ve won the comp the last three years, mind you).
It’s been a biggy, but we’ve still got four months left for even more groundbreaking and shareable moments to go down. 

We’re sweating just thinking ’bout it.

Photo: Cameron Spencer / Getty.