It’s official: He’s bloody well in.

19-year-old basketballing phenom Thon Maker has been officially declared eligible to enter the 2016 NBA Draftafter he sensationally announced he would be skipping the US College system in favour of heading directly for the pros.

The 216cm tall centre presents as something of a unique case, owing to the fact that his draft eligibility technically subverts the NBA’s so-called “one and done” rule, designed to prevent players from jumping directly to the NBA from High School.

The league had to assess Maker’s unique circumstances in order to pass him as eligible for the draft; Maker chose to do an extra fifth year of high school in Canada to remain close to his brother, though technically speaking he “graduated” high school over 12 months ago.

The ruling exposes a potential loophole for draft hopefuls to exploit who want to avoid damaging personal draft stock in the decidedly tougher college circuit following notable high school success and hype.

Where Maker will go in the draft is anyone’s guess at this point, with experts divided on the value of the raw, but extremely driven and talented player. Predictions have Maker going as high as the back end of the lottery, and as low as late in the second round.

For what it’s worth, the internet hype for Maker seems to far outstrip expert opinion on his upside. But the positives for Thon seemingly revolve around his work ethic and character; both highly-valued attributes for depth chart role-playing NBA athletes.

Maker, a South Sudanese refugee, fled the war-torn nation as a child before settling in Perth, where his talent for the sport was subsequently identified.

If Maker manages to get selected in the first round of the draft, it would be the first time in history that two Australian players have gone in the first round; Ben Simmons is a practical certainty to be selected within the first two picks of the draft.

Maker’s date with destiny is now set: June 23rd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Go get ’em, legend!

Source: Fox Sports.

Photo: Kelly Kline/Getty.