Givvus A Celebratory Saussie Roll Because AFLW Players Are Set To Receive A 94% Wage Increase

Oi givvus a celebratory saussie roll, because pay for AFLW players has nearly doubled thanks to a new agreement between AFL and AFLPA (the AFL Players Association).

According to the AFLW website, the deal means that on average, players will see a 94% increase to their wages ahead of the new season set to start in August. This means that previously unpaid hours of physical recovery and fitness maintenance will now be covered. Bring on the ice baths!

AFLW sort their wages in to four tiers, with tier one players receiving $71,935 under the new system, up from $37,115.

According to The Age, the minimum pay for AFLW players last season was just $20,239. Now it sits at $39,184, which is more than last season’s highest paid players. Carn legends!

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Last December, the AFL released The Women’s Football Vision, a document which listed several “aspirational targets” for women’s AFL, spanning from 2021 to 2030. One of the listed goals is for “NAB AFLW players to be the highest paid domestic sportswomen in the country”.

The new payment structure brings AFLW players a step closer to this goal, but they’re not there yet. Super Netball players remain the highest paid sportswomen in Australia, with their maximum salary reaching $91,500.

Plus, the average gross earning for a male AFL player last year was $372,224. AKA stacks more than the AFLW players.

So while it’s clear that there’s still a way to go when it comes to closing the gender pay gap in Aussie sport, this is a pretty cool development. Go off AFLW!