‘AFL Memes’ FB Page Posts Massively Racist Adam Goodes/Gorilla “Jokes”

You get the idea.
Remember last year when people kept insisting that their constant and insidious booing of bonafide AFL legend Adam Goodes wasn’t in any way racially motivated? Remember how they protested that by pointing out the fact that it was racist made Adam Goodes the biggest racist of all? Remember how when a teenage girl called him an ape and Goodes had her kicked out of a game that people harangued him instead for bullying?
Well, from the creators of “I’m not a racist, he’s just a flog” comes ‘RACIST BULLSHIT 2: Memes A-Poppin’‘.
The hugely popular AFL Memes Facebook page, which has some 196,000 followers, saw the recent situation with the gorilla shot dead at a Cincinnati zoo and saw naught but fertile ground for “humour,” apparently.
Two quote/unquote “memes” appeared on the page late yesterday that made straight-up comparisons between the gorilla and Goodes.
Not subtle comparisons. Not some deft manipulation of wordplay or a reversal of expectations. Not even a revelation of Goodes as an animal activist or something like that.
Just “here’s the gorilla, its name is Adam Goodes.”
Racism. Pure, unadulterated, unfiltered racist bullshit of the highest order.
And you’d think running and moderating a Facebook page of that size and magnitude would require a fairly discerning eye in order to nip weak crap like that off at the bud (believe us, we know it’s a tough job at times).
BUT OH LOL LOOK. 18 hours after they went live, the posts are still up.
Further still, the admins running the page have responded to the literal tsunami of complaints and objections to the posts by doggedly backing the gags and pedalling the old “it’s just a joke” line.
It might be intended as a joke, sure. But it’s a really, really, really, really, fucking terrible, utterly horrid, not funny, very racist, VERY RACIST joke.
It’s not even something that could be conceivably be said by the ignorant; an unintentionally racist statement. It is racism 101.
BUT IT GETS WORSE. Reporting the posts to Facebook results in nothing being done, with the website repeatedly asserting that the posts “are not hate speech,” despite the fact that they very bloody obviously are.
Honestly. It is 2016 and we are somehow still ~STILL~ dealing with base-level nonsense like this.
Give me bloody strength.

Source: Facebook.
Photo: Matt King, AFL Media/Getty.