A Richmond Fan Fist-Pumped So Hard On Friday That He Dislocated His Shoulder

For anyone that wasn’t a Geelong fan, Friday night’s second Qualifying Final was a masterful display of footy pressure by a rampaging Richmond Tigers outfit. But for Tigers fans it was borderline close to nirvana.

The Tiges stormed their way into a home Preliminary Final by overwhelming the highly fancied Cats in a full four-quarter display that had yellow and black fans in fits of rapture. One poor bloke at the ground, however, took that to a whole other level by causing himself actual bodily harm.

The fan, identified only as Mick, told Triple M earlier this morning that he celebrated a third quarter goal so hard that he dislocated his shoulder. For real.

Mick spoke with the Hot Breakfast crew a short while ago and explained how the injury occurred.

It was about 20 minutes into the third quarter and we’d just got a goal.

I wasn’t high-fiving, I threw my arm up in the air like one of those Rocky punches and it dislocated.

I came down and my wife said ‘are you alright?’ and I said ‘I’ve dislocated my shoulder’.

Arm dangling as precariously as Geelong’s rapidly dwindling finals hopes, Mick then sought treatment from St John’s Ambulance staff who were manning the game. Almost unthinkably, they wanted to tear the poor bloke away from the action for treatment. Much like the bulk of the 95,000 other fans who were there, Mick wasn’t leaving for quids.

We got down there and the bloke said ‘we’ll have to take you to hospital’. I said ‘why can’t you put it back in here?’ and he said ‘by law we’re not allowed to’.

I said ‘well mate, either it goes in here or we’re going nowhere because I’m going back out there for the last (quarter)’.

The yarn has a typically happy and badass ending. The injury, as it turns out, is an old one from Mick’s footy days that recurs from time to time, and sure enough the limb popped itself back in – “I just sort-of relaxed and it popped back in” – and Mick was back in his seat to enjoy the Tigers running over the top of the Cats in the last quarter, en route to a resounding 51-point win.

As for the pain factor, Mick took full advantage of the assistance on offer at the ground: “A few beers and we’re all good.”

Bloody onya, Mick. Put the shoulder on ice this week and you’ll be fighting fit for the prelim.