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Our relatable girl crush on Married At First Sight Ella Ding started the minute she hit our TV screens. There’s a long list of reasons why we love her, and now we can add her latest move to it. Ella is teaming up with Aussie sexual wellness brand VUSH to celebrate self-love while slinging us mere mortals 50% off her favourite sex toy — The Empress 2.

In a move to empower singles everywhere, Ella opened up on Instagram about her journey to self-love after being single for nine years because she’s “not having great luck.”

“I have absolutely no shame around my self-love game!” She said. “Being single for so long has motivated me to understand loving myself alone. And it’s fun!”

What else can a single girl do when she’s not having much luck in love? Ella recommends turning that love inwards and focusing on self-love (including masturbation).

“Self-love is broad”, explains Ella. “It could be spending the day alone and booking a spa day. Or lighting candles and reading an erotic book and getting lost in my imagination.

“Or it could be running a bath and using oils to relax with meditation music on. It really is anything that involves just me, myself and I.”

That said, Ella explained that being a very sexual person and also being single for so long, she wanted to understand herself and her sexual experiences more.

“As women not being overly educated on how our sexual experiences should be when I had my first orgasm from a self-love sesh, I realised how much I was missing. It literally changed my life and confidence forever,” she said.

Ella’s go-to sex toy? The VUSH Empress 2. “I have used a variety of sexual wellness products to understand what suits my anatomy best and what sends my body into a hot flush,” she said. “And I’ve found the Empress 2 does this the best.”

Okay, now we need to know more about the ~Empress~.

MAFS Star Ella Ding Has Teamed Up With Vush To Sling You 50% Off Her Fave Vibrator

According to VUSH, the Empress 2 is a clitoral stimulator that uses enhanced vacuum technology to help show your clitoris some serious love. Mimicking the sensation of really good oral sex, but without any strings attached.

Offt, oral sex without the strings? We’ll take it.

To encourage everyone to embrace more self-love, like Ella, VUSH is slashing 50% off Empress 2 when you use the code ELLA. That means this best-selling sex toy goes from a whopping $220 to just $110 — a steal if you ask us.

You can shop The Empress 2 here.

Image: Ella Ding Instagram / Vush