Tinder Has Told Swipers To Stop With All The Unsexy Tiger Selfies

So many people use photos of themselves posing ‘seductively’ alongside tigers for their Tinder profile pics that there’s both a Tumblr and Instagram dedicated to all the best-but-really-worst ones.

But animal rights org PETA has pushed hard on Tinder’s co-founder Sean Rad to ban tiger selfies in the wake of International Tiger Day last week, and the app has answered its calls.

It’s issued a stern request that swipers refrain from posting photos of “beautiful creatures that have been torn from their natural environment.”

PETA says now is the time to rid the platform of tiger photos in honor of International Tiger Day on Saturday July 29th, and we could not agree more. We are looking to you, as part of our Tinder community, to make a change. Take down your tiger photos, and we will make it worth your while by donating $10,000 to Project Cat in honor of International Tiger Day. We urge you to take down your tiger photos, tag your friends to do it too, or simply join the conversation on social with #NoTigerSelfies.

Tinder also suggested far more appealing, less-dickish things that are prime DP fodder, like you “volunteering at an animal shelter” or “conserving water by drinking rosé”, which we’re very into.

So go take that tiger selfie down, if you’re one of the many offenders – your profile will be just fierce without the drugged animals.