Tinder Reckons Sydney’s Certified Hotties Live In These 15 Suburbs


People from Parramatta, hello.
In news set to shock the so-called beautiful Eastern Suburbs elite (not that their faces would show it), Tinder has today released data that suggests where Sydney’s biggest concentration of hotties live and it’s the Western suburb of Parramatta that’s taken out top spot.
Using stats from their no-doubt huge number of Sydney swipers, the people-matching app has put together the 15 suburbs with the highest rates of right-swipes, and thus, the postcodes with the most amount of deadset babes and there’s def some surprises amongst them.
Firstly it looks like that stereotype that Western Sydney is filled with grotesque bogans is way off the mark, with the top three babin’ suburbs all far-west of the CBD.
No doubt an effect of their heightened Instagram filter skills, the hipsters of Bondi come in at a respectable fourth followed by more outer suburbs, with city-adjacent ‘burbs Surry Hills and North Sydney closing out the Top 15.

Sydney’s Most Right Swiped Suburbs: 

(Listed from most right swiped – least right swiped) 
1. Paramatta – 2150 
2. Bankstown – 2200 
3. Camden – 2570 
4. Bondi – 2026 
5. Beverly Hills – 2209 
6. Brighton Le Sands – 2216 
7. Penrith – 2750 
8. Hurstville – 2220 
9. Sydney CBD – 2000 
10. Ryde – 2112 
11. Dulwich Hill – 2203 
12. Chatswood – 2067 
13. The Hills – 2300 
14. Surry Hills – 2010 
15. North Sydney – 2060
As someone who is typing this from the PEDESTRIAN.TV offices in Surry Hills, I must say that I refute the fact the suburb has taken out #14, as I just looked around the office and there’s nothing but assorted uggos and gronks. Truly an unpleasant looking bunch of individuals. *spits*
What is arguably more interesting than PTV’s utter lack of genetic blessings are some notable exclusions from the list, with not a single Northern Beaches suburb making an appearance, a fact that will no doubt infuriate your mate from Avalon who thinks he’s an Instagram model.
So there ya go. Not finding that special someone on Tinder atm? Go for a drive to Parramatta and get your swipe on. Look out for me, I’m the shirtless guy doing the shaka with a tiger.

Source: Tinder.
Picture: Voici.Fr.