Sick Of Swiping? This New Dating App Is Bringing IRL Vibes To Online Dating

It’s a great time to throw yourself back into dating. There are less restrictions in the way, you won’t be sweating up a storm and it’s prime time for locking down a lover for the snuggly months. If you’re looking for that special someone but sick of swiping, you’re defs not alone. I certainly feel shallower and more judgemental with every single swipe. No bio? Boring! Blonde? Can’t trust ‘em! Writes “I’m Funny”? Defs no sense of humour!

But there’s a new dating app in the mix for Aussies that’s here to help cure your case of swipe-fatigue. Say howdy to Hello Tiger, the new dating app to sniff out your future sweetie. It’s here to bring online dating back to reality, help you cut to the chase when it comes to making real connections and renew your confidence in having a chat with a stranger.

Whittling down heavily curated bios and even more heavily curated pics (you better believe my hottest friends have never graced my profile) wastes a lot of time when swiping. But Hello Tiger is here to speed that up. Like, turbo-speed it up to a minute.

Once users have been matched, the only way to move forward is to have a 60-second video chat (!!!) to work out if you have an instant connection or not. Once the minute is up, you can choose to keep chatting or select ‘not for me’ or ‘skip for now’. Talk about pressure for the ramblers among us! But a good dose of IRL nerves and anticipation is a refreshing change to the lifeless “hey”s of my app heyday. Time to start working on your tight 30-sec sets, everyone.

There’s another twist compared to the apps we’re used to and it means you’re going to have to kiss that well-vetted thirst-trap goodbye, my friends. You can’t upload a photo from your camera roll. Yep, you read that correctly. In an effort to reduce catfishing and continue ~keeping things real~, the app requires your pic be a selfie snapped on the spot and updated weekly. (I think the tiger has officially eaten the catfish???) 

If you’ve been a bit nervy about getting back out there after a hefty break, build your dating confidence back up in this safe and secure environment where you never have to fear a fake profile pic and only have to keep the convo going for a minute to find out if your match is a dud or dreamboat. 

You can download the app now, if you’re keen to spice up that swipe-fatigue.