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So, you get on Tinder and finally match with an actual human being, which means there’s something about you that they actually find appealing. (In all seriousness, who can blame them? You’re a snacc.)

A match can only take you so far, though. Now you need to spark a conversation and potentially suggest a lil’ date of some sort. Welcome to the ring, kid – this is where champions are made. *Ding* *ding*

From bios and conversations to dates and follow-ups, every step of the dating game involves the intricate art form of not seeming too keen – the balancing act between seeming interested enough, but also not seeming too interested.

Sometimes we can get caught in our feelings, though, and show moments of slight weakness. In our most recent instalment of Tinder’s Live Up To The Swipe, legend and self-proclaimed ‘little troll boy’ Demi Lardner walks us through the trials and tribulations involved with seeming too keen.

Live Up To The Swipe

Keen as a bean.

Posted by on Wednesday, 27 February 2019

While most of us (hopefully) haven’t hidden in a pot plant before to stalk our respective suitor, we can all definitely relate to that internal freakout moment. After all, it’s only human to present yourself with a calm sense of nonchalance despite already knowing your wedding date (April 19), the names of your 3 futures kids (Precious, Diamond, Glen) and the honeymoon destination (Prague), right?

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At the end of the day, Queen Van Ness tells us, “Just be a gorgeous version of yourself. Like, people want to know the gorgeous version of yourself. So however you can bring your own gorgeousness to that profile… do that.” But also, don’t be too keen. RIP.

Happy swiping, single sovereigns.

Image: Instagram / @taylorswift