7 Sure-Fire Ways To Tell Your Partner Secretly Hates Your Tacky Valentine’s Day Present

Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of the hardest holidays to buy presents for. Unlike Christmas, where you can buy useful gifts, or birthdays when your sweetheart might request a specific little something they’ve had their eye on, Valentine’s Day is a minefield. And honestly, it’s easier to fail than it is to succeed.

In our opinions, the ideal Valentine’s Day gift is one that’s an extension of the way you feel about them. Whether it’s a simple bunch of flowers, jewellery, or booking their favourite restaurant — Valentine’s Day is far more about the gesture than the all-out gift-giving extravaganza.

Sure, we could help you choose what to actually get for your boo, but we prefer to take the chaotic approach and just give you a clue on whether they really love your gift (or plan to return it immediately).

Beware the words “this is so generous”

This comment can mean a couple of things. If they’re genuinely gushing about the present (and you know they love boujee gifts), then a “this is so generous” could be totally innocent. IMO though, Valentine’s Day is the time to give something thoughtful, not garish and over the top. So a “this is so generous” paired with panic-riddled eyes is not the one, team.

They tell you how ‘useful’ it is

Useful gifts are great. Especially when you’ve asked for them or they’re from your dad at Christmas. But on Valentine’s Day, when it’s all about the ~love~, a sweet gift is all that’s really required.

Keep an eye out for blushing

A casual blush is, once again, totally innocent. But a face that goes from zero to beetroot in two seconds flat is a bad, bad sign team. If the red face is followed up with any (and I mean any) hesitation or loss of words, you’ve messed up.

Any hesitation in ripping the box open and playing with their gift

Let’s paint you a little picture. You’ve handed over the gift and your lover has ripped open the wrapping paper, looked over to you and said genuinely “thanks, babe”, then you’re onto a winner. If they then put the box to the side and say they want to open it up when they get home and have a chance to *really* appreciate it, you’ve failed the gift-giving test. Not only do they not want to open the gift in front of you or when they get home, but they also want to keep that original packaging in perfectly intact so the refund goes through.

They ask you for the receipt

A harsh knock to the ego, this one speaks for itself. I respect the honesty, though.

‘Where did you get this?’

Let’s finish this sentence. “Where did you get this . . . so I can return it immediately.”

Tears are either a very good sign or very bad

You’ll have to use your judgement here, but I’ll go ahead and assume that unless you’re proposing (and they’re happy about it), tears are never a good sign.

To avoid the bad tears or, in fact, the whole scenario where your boo hates the gift altogether, then you could just head for the failsafe option: Pandora. Pandora has gifts for all budgets, and their entire ethos is to give a gift that’s an extension of your love — simple. Something personal, thoughtful, and just plain romantic.