Margot Robbie, Queen Of The Stitch-Up, Has Apparently Been Married 3 Years

Margot Robbie is one of Australia‘s most talented acting exports.

The 27-year-old has been positively slaying Hollywood since her breakthrough role as Naomi in The Wolf of Wall Street back in 2013.

In the years since, she’s played Jane in Tarzan, Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and most recently, she had us proper shook at her transformation into Queen Elizabeth for upcoming flick, Mary Queen of Scots.

Despite her rising profile and the public’s insatiable interest in her, Robbie is fiercely guarded about her personal life.

As a result, most stories on the starlet’s interior life are hearsay. Nothing much is confirmed nor denied. The beauty of this is that we never quite know what is real and what is make believe.

Case and point: it was widely reported that Robbie married her British film director partner Tom Ackerley in a low-key private ceremony in Byron Bay back in December 2016.

But according to New York Post gossip rag Page Six, Robbie and Ackerley have actually been married for three years.

U wot?

Supposedly, Robbie was overheard speaking to someone at the Hamptons International Film Festival over the weekend, revealing they’ve in fact been married for a lot longer.

“A guest congratulated her on her first-year wedding anniversary. Margot responded, ‘It’s been three years,” a spy told the paper.

ahhh u cheeky lil cunnie

When approached, Robbie’s rep declined to comment on the rumours.

What we do know for sure is that the pair met in 2013 on the set of the World War II drama ‘Suite Française‘ in France.

It’s also common knowledge that the pair lived in London in a share house with two others for a while before becoming a couple and moving to Los Angeles.

Has Robbie been pulling our leg the whole time? Has she really been married for a whole three years? Or is this just another snake in the labyrinth, slithering about to put us off the scent of the truth? Why do we care so much when she clearly wants privacy? Why am I writing this story?

I digress.

Regardless of marriage length or relationship status, we wish Robbie and Ackerley many happy returns.