Enjoy Big Huge Cums With This Bendable Sex Toy That Services The G-Spot & Clit Simultaneously

bendable sex toy
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My sex toy draw is a bit all over the shop. There’s one for internal stim, another for clit stim, one for getting the job done quickly – you get the gist – and it’s safe to say there’s no room for other useful stuff like, you know, phone chargers. I’d like to consolidate, please! Cue: Frenchie’s Double Entendre sex toy.

Frenchie’s new bendable sex toy can do it all from what I can see. Dubbed ‘The Double Entendre‘, it has a smaller head at one end for any G-spot attention and a larger head at the other end for clitoral love.

Obviously, everyone loves a 2-in-1 solution, and the fact that you can customise the bend means it to go ham on your clit and g-spot simultaneously without any awkward wrist cramps. For anyone who isn’t able to cum during penetration unless their clit is getting some TLC at the same time, The Double Entendre is a damn dream.

bendable sex toy

Frenchie The Double Entendre, $90

But even if you want to service just one part of your yoni, that’s absolutely doable. Consolidating my sex toy draw looks more and more possible thanks to this bendy boi.

The Double Entendre also has two motors to take you to town at four speeds and six vibration modes. So you can rest assured that there’s an appropriate setting and head to get you to where you want to be. We love.

It’s made from premium, natural and body-safe silicone and, true to Frenchie style, comes in a chic satin carry bag.

bendable sex toy

Frenchie The Double Etendre, $90

After years of only being able to have sex within the same four walls, it could be a cute idea to bring your new Double Entendre sex toy on your next vaycay – either by yourself or with a lover.

The device is $90 with free shipping globally, a pretty decent price point for a very healthy investment towards your sexual wellbeing. Oh, and for a hot minute, they’re slinging you, our loyal PTV reader, a 15% discount using the code GOODVIBES. Ya welcome!