You’ll Be All About Kink, Fantasies & Safe BDSM Play After Chantelle Otten’s Selfish Session

We’ll just say it: 2020 was the year many of us had to tone down our horny selves because life in lockdown was simply not a hot time.

But in 2021, that’s all changing, starting with PEDESTRIAN.TV‘s Selfish Sessions later this month. Because we want the best for your sex life, we’re running not one but two spicy sexologist lessons for you hornbags with Chantelle Otten and Cam Fraser, thanks to global sexual wellness brand, Lovehoney.

First up is award-winning psycho-sexologist and Lovehoney ambassador Chantelle Otten. Last year, Chantelle eased us in gently with the sex-ed we all deserved (but certainly did not get) in school.

When she chatted to P.TV this month about coming back for round two, she told us it’s all going to be a bit different this time around. “I want people to build on the session we had last year,” she said. “We have moved on from being basic lovers to really exploring kink and different types of play in a non-judgemental way.”

That means you’re in for a lesson in bondage, discipline and domination, sadism and masochism (BDSM). And in case you’re already thinking it might be a bit much for you, well, you’re probably wrong. “People experience eroticism in different ways and at different levels, so you might start by exploring play with light bondage such as blindfolds and handcuffs, before moving on to more advanced BDSM play. You don’t need every letter of BDSM to be kinky. We are going to talk about the power exchange between partners within the dominance and submission realm, and we’re going to talk about safe, sane, and consensual sex or risk-aware consensual kink which are the cornerstone philosophies in BDSM play.”

Chantelle also wants to guide you through the process of having conversations with your sexual partner, whether it’s about your sexual fantasies or incorporating BDSM into your life, and she has some tips about games you can play to get yourself started. Basically, by the time she’s done with you, you’ll be an ethical Christian Grey.

When we spoke to Chantelle to get the lowdown on exactly who this session is for (ahem, it’s for everyone), we asked whether she thinks having, and acting on, fantasies are important. The short answer is yes, having them are normal and even if you don’t actually want to act them out, they might teach you a little somethin’ somethin’ about what you like and what turns you on. This session might help you figure out how to lean into your fantasies.

But Lovehoney isn’t done yet, babes. They’re also bringing their ambassador Cam Fraser to the table to do what he does best as a sex coach, sexologist, counsellor and tantric yoga teacher. In his session, Cam will explore male pleasure, covering the best toys for men, from male masturbators to cock rings and anal toys, why men shouldn’t be afraid to use sex toys, explain penis and prostate pleasure, myths around male pleasure and sexuality. Basically, he’s helping men become better lovers (sans any anxiety or shame).

The talks are running from Wednesday February 24 to Friday February 26 and you can grab your tickets for $20 + BF over here. Like most things in 2021, Selfish Sessions has gone digital this year — so you can sit and take notes from your couch.

Even better, anyone who buys tix to Selfish Sessions will score 20% off Lovehoney (the home of all things sex and wellbeing), plus there’ll be 100 prizes courtesy of Lovehoney (yep, we’re talking about vibrators) up for grabs at the sexual empowerment sessions, too.