6 Reasons You Should Go Hiking For Your Next Date If Dinner & A Movie Just Doesn’t Cut It

So you’re tired of the dating scene. You’re haemorrhaging money. You’re totally, completely out of semi-spontaneous, interesting date ideas. But on the other hand, the weather is getting warmer. The sun is starting to shine. After months spent staying close to home (thanks COVID) you’re ready to get outdoors, chuck on ya Merrell’s hiking boots, maybe hug a tree or three.

Enter, the hiking date. A distraction-free, wilderness-immersive, pro-communication, anti-bad vibes, high-endorphin romance option. Whether you’re down for a simple stroll or some serious scrambling, the beauty of the great outdoors is that there’s a natural playground to suit every relationship status.

Hiking is cheap as chips

Hiking is FREE, y’all. I take that back, sometimes you gotta pay to enter a national park, but that’s only sometimes. For the most part, a wander up a big hill doesn’t cost a thing. And the view is a bonus. If you, and your bank account, are exhausted by the dating scene then get out of town and into the bush already. BYO scroggin, ya champ. 

Hiking is all about the chats

Pointing your eyeballs at a movie screen or doing, god forbid, an escape room (my literal date nightmare) makes those juicy, get-to-know-you chats next to impossible. Hiking, on the other foot, gifts you the present of presence. See what I did there? It’s just you, your potential S/O and a few hours of uncompromised conversation. Perfection, unless they’ve got no bants. 

Hiking is a valid reason to selfie

Getting a selfie at the top of a scenic lookout is much less awkward than getting a selfie over cocktails at your local bar. Also reaching any sort of summit deserves to be memorialised forever in the cloud, whereas sucking back on a jalapeno margarita doesn’t. In even better news? You’ve now got a piccy to send to all your mates/mum for approval. 

Hiking releases all those good body chemicals

We’re talking happy, healthy chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. These guys improve mood, elevate energy and just generally make you feel like a fulfilled human. With all these good chemicals getting around, your date is for sure going to be all about positive connection. 

Hiking is very conducive to picnics

Getting out and about, tramping trails, crossing bridges and climbing ridges all work up an appetite. Now, the type of trail dictates the type of picnic you’d be bringing along. If it’s super arduous, maybe it’s a salad sanga situation. But if you’re taking a cruisy stroll, then a proper picnic basket is an excellent lunch date decision. Wine with a view, anyone? 

Hiking can (if you fancy) involve camping

An overnight stay? Depending on where you’re at in your relationship this could be the perfect end to a perfect adventure. Imagine – you’re the good kind of tired, snuggling up by the fire, cooking dinner, drinking wine out of tin camping mugs. And then you get to wake up together somewhere outdoorsy and beautiful. Ah, how’s the serenity.

So grab your S/O, chuck on your favourite pair of Merrell Shoes and hit the trail scene. You never know, you might find love among the gum trees.