Has coronavirus made you lose all of your social skills? Are you awkward and unsure how to interact with another human being? Well, you’re in luck because there is now a bop for that.

TikTok king Louis Hanson, who is truly god’s gift to humanity, has blessed our eardrums with a new Harry Styles-inspired bop that perfectly encapsulates how it feels to be living in 2020 alongside the coronavirus.

I present to you: Rona’s Made Me Awkward, Hi.

@louis.hansoni call this one, ‘Awkward Rona Sugar’ ✨????✨ ##isolation ##coronavirus ##harrystyles ##watermelonsugar♬ Awkward Rona Sugar feat. Harry – Louis Hanson

“Spent this whole year inside. Human interaction, bye. Forgot how to socialise. ‘Rona’s made me awkward, hi (‘Rona’s made me awkward),” he sings.

Okay sure, maybe I’m a little biased because Louis is a former Pedestrian.TV alum and I will forever claim him as my work husband, but you have to admit, this is a BOP.

He can’t take all of the credit because it’s clearly a parody of Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar, but points for making it painfully relatable.

As you’d expect when anything on TikTok is good, it sparked a trend of everyone sharing their own lockdown ~moods~ to the sweet, angelic sounds of Rona’s Made Me Awkward, Hi.

Anyway, ‘rona’s made me awkward, bye.

@monelbailey21##FYP ##viral ##relatable ##foryoupage♬ Awkward Rona Sugar feat. Harry – Louis Hanson

The challenge has even hit the Animal Crossing: New Horizons side of TikTok.

@rubyrose3456For real though ##rona ##animalcrossingnewhorizons ##acnh ##awakward ##sendhelp ##fyp♬ Awkward Rona Sugar feat. Harry – Louis Hanson

If coronavirus has made you awkward and you know it, clap your hands (and do the challenge).

@.iridiann???? Sugar but make it Rona Version ???? thanks and credit to @louis.hanson ##funtrends♬ Awkward Rona Sugar feat. Harry – Louis Hanson

I truly didn’t think I was capable of loving anything more than Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar, but reimagining it for the coronavirus era has really done it for me. Give this man a Grammy. Give him the keys to the city. Give him the whole world.