This American Bloke Joyfully Interrupting A Live French TV Cross Is Our US Election Mood

US Election, French TV

For the past several days, we’ve eagerly been awaiting the result of the US election. Now we finally have a winner, with Joe Biden securing the required number of electoral college votes for the presidency, and a collective sigh of relief has been heard around the world.

While cities around America have been celebrating, with New Yorkers cheering from apartment windows and honking car horns, the reactions in other parts of the world have been just as joyful. Take, for example, this man who interrupted a US election report on French TV.

In the grand tradition of barging in on live television crosses, the man gleefully swaggers into the frame and has the reporter cracking up as he declares: “I think France is beautiful! I hate escargots! I love a croissant! Hon hon hon! And I love an omelette du fromage!”

Someone declare this man a national treasure:

Church bells were heard ringing across Paris in the evening, in celebration of the US election result:

Meanwhile, videos from London show fireworks being let off near the American embassy:

There are also reports of bells ringing in Munich and fireworks being let off in Scotland, while in the below video, celebrations can be heard in Toronto, Canada.

Meanwhile, #TrumpGoneScottyNext is trending in Australia, and I love that for us: