Twitter Users Are Pinpointing The Exact Moment Getting High Goes From Fun To Demonic Paranoia

Twitter weed meme

The latest meme to explode on Twitter is people plotting just how blazed and/or paranoid they get after smoking a joint. A weed meme just in time for 420? You bet.

Everyone knows the feeling. You’re having a laugh with a few mates, kicking back and perhaps having a bite to eat – then bam, you’re suddenly overcome by crippling paranoia and doom.

Now people on Twitter have been articulating that very feeling, and the outcomes are extremely specific yet surprisingly relatable.

Things kicked off with the old ‘a demon is coming to get me’ chestnut. Who among us hasn’t feared being chased by an imaginary demon or demon-adjacent being in the heat of the moment?

It was a similar story for other folks, too.

Although some did in fact people remind everyone of the calming effects that a nice joint can sometimes bring.

Eventually people managed to squeeze in a third stage of highness, and that’s when everyone started getting ~creative~.

It turns out going down obscure Wikipedia rabbit holes while high is a more universal experience than we realised.

But for some people, there’s just one state of being high, take it or leave it.

Eventually, the meme took a European twist for some reason.

Before things came back down to Earth and became serious once more.

What have we learned from all this? Not much.

It’s almost as if these memes were made by people who were high at the time. How beautiful.

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