Forget Kitchen Counters, TikTokers Are Now Using *Barf* Toilet Bowls To Make Food And Drinks

toilet bowl milkshake tiktok

TikTok’s take on “food hacks” can be chaotic, to say the least, but today’s new cooking sensation is making me never want to eat again. For once, ten out of ten doctors agree: don’t try this at home, kids!

We regret to inform you that TikToker Anna Rothfuss (@bananalovesyoutoo) is making fruit punch and milkshakes out of her toilet bowl. I shit you not, Rothfuss is sharing absolutely cooked vids of her “cooking hack” and I hate that I’m giving it clout but it needs to be seen to be believed.

Anna has made a few cursed videos but let’s focus on the one where she tries to make said “milkshake”. She begins the video by clogging up the hole leading to the drain with a T-shirt. Then, she squeezes an entire bottle of Hershey’s chocolate sauce all over the inside of the bowl, before “adding some whipped cream” and filling the bowl to the top with it.

“This is the most important part,” she says, filling the tank of the toilet with litres upon litres of milk. Side note: I’m now officially coming out as lactose intolerant, thanks.

She then adds some finishing touches—hundreds-and-thousands and a jar of marinated cherries. It’s at this point that the guy behind the camera—seemingly her husband or a man held hostage—says, “wow, that is so extra!” I’m sorry, it’s the hundreds-and-thousands that got you?

Anyway, then she flushes it and the milk from the tank begins to fill the bowl and the bowl of ingredients begins to become a murky swampy mess. And, it’s at this point, I realise that she’s completely joking. I mean, she has to be right? Right?

“It’s churning it, it’s churning it, it’s churning it into chocolate milk,” she says with a weirdly maniacal sense of excitement and confidence, almost as if she is trying to manifest this disaster live. Then, she attempts to drink it from one of the SIX straws planted into the bowl.

“This milkshake technique is great for parties,” she captioned the video. Anna… what parties are you going to?

There are just so many questions here that I don’t think we’ll ever get answered. For starters, how many toilets and kitchen counters do these people on TikTok own in their homes where they can just do this for the shits, clicks and giggles?

Why does she have six straws in the bowl? Is she genuinely expecting all of her friends and family to gather around the shithole like a campfire, eagerly slurping on the toilet shake as if it were a warm freshly-melted marshmallow?

How many times did they clean this toilet before they used it? Are Anna’s friends and family worried about her? Is she okay? And, ultimately, do they know that when we say don’t shit where you eat, we mean the vice-versa, too?

If you dare, you can catch the video in full and her other cursed video below.

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