The TikTok Guy Who ‘Predicts’ COVID Cases Went On Sky News & Sunrise And Just Trolled Them Both

kairouz predicting covid cases

The TikToker who insists he keeps accurately predicting COVID case numbers for NSW was invited to appear on both Sky News and Sunrise… only to troll the hosts, obviously. When will these people learn??

Jon-Bernard Kairouz has been accurately ‘predicting’ covid case numbers in NSW for five days now, and has maintained that his accuracy is due to his “maths skills” and not, say, a convenient inside source from NSW Health.

The NSW COVID case numbers are counted at 8pm the night before they are announced, so there’s plenty of time for information to leak before the following presser.

Anyway, his consistent accuracy has gained Kairouz quite a bit of fame on TikTok, even landing him an interview with both Sunrise and Sky News.

@jonbernardkOne On One With Sunrise This Morning ##fyp ##sydneylockdown♬ original sound – Jon-Bernard Kairouz ????

Sunrise asked Kairouz what his mathematical process was in making such accurate predictions, so of course he went down a long-winded tangent about how many granny flats there are in Western Sydney. And how he had a crayon lodged in his brain as a kid. And how removing the crayon increased his IQ by 50 points. You know, just normal stuff, before the interviewer finally cut him off.

I really do have to wonder what Sunrise thought was going to happen, considering Kairouz has been singing the same shit-posty tune since he started making his predictions.

It seems that Sky News mistakenly expected more from Kairouz, too.

“Look, I’m one of the people in lockdown at the moment, I’m enjoying the laughs, it’s good fun,” A Sky News host said to the TikToker in an interview.

“There are others of the opinion that this probably shouldn’t be a joke, and [should] be left to the Premier counterparts everyday – what do you say to them?”

“Look, I can’t help it,” Kairouz said, sounding serious for a second.

“It’s just, you know, I went to a school for the gifted. I boarded there for a number of years, and it was run by Professor Xavier and Hugh Jackman. So I’m just giving my gift to society and I hope that people getting the numbers a bit earlier is giving them a new lease on how these numbers are given out.”

Ah, there it is.

Ah, Sky News – did they really think they were going to get a straight answer out of this guy? I’m not sure the host realised he was making an X-Men reference until he said Hugh Jackman, but I’m convinced this trolling is exactly why the interview snippet is only 35 seconds.

Sky News also quoted Kairouz in an article, and yes it is just as chaotic.

“It does come down to simple math if I’m being quite honest,” Kairouz said.

“You’ll find in multivariable calculus there’s often many solutions to various problems.

“So it just comes down to assessing all the factors and putting it in the Kairouz probability theorem and seeing what we come up with.”

@jonbernardk3-Peat Baby ????????????#fyp #sydneylockdown♬ original sound – Jon-Bernard Kairouz ????

Some people might be mad that Kairouz has managed to (in my opinion) swindle information from a Government source. And people would be right in calling that a huge fuck up on the Government’s part, since this is supposed to be sensitive information.

@jonbernardkNumber Of Cases Tomorrow, Monday The 19th Of July ##fyp ##sydneylockdown♬ original sound – Jon-Bernard Kairouz ????

But it doesn’t seem like Kairouz is ever gonna set the record straight.

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