A TikToker Built A 1500KG Concrete Tomb To Preserve A Packet Of Chips For Future Civilisations

tiktok meme art cheetos tomb

It’s not often a piece of art leaves me totally breathless or makes me feel like I’m witnessing some kind of history being forged into the annals of time. But then I saw this one guy build an entire concrete sarcophagus to house a single packet of chips to bury in the ground. Not just any chips, either: a packet of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

TikToker and meme artist Sunday Nobody dropped a process video of his latest piece on Sunday, which detailed him building a 3000-pound (1500kg) concrete box to entomb a packet of Cheetos “for future civilisations to find”.


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He didn’t just whack a few slabs of concrete together either, he fully constructed the mould out of melamine, bent and welded rebar to reinforce the slab and set his own concrete tomb. It took a month and a half for it all to dry and then he dyed the whole thing black. Sorry but the time, sweat and energy put into this is already so impressive.

The lid of the sarcophagus was detailed with the ingredients list of the tasty treats, which he cut out with a laser cutter and then sprayed onto the lid and gussied up with adhesive and gold foil.

This man literally used gold leaf to put Cheetos ingredients onto the lid of a tomb that he buried as an elaborate time capsule meme prank. The commitment to the bit is absolutely next level.

It’s what’s inside that really fucking did it for me, though. Not only is it a packet of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos but he’s cast the bag in resin, bevelled the edges and then attached the sacred contents to the corners of the tomb with wire.

He actually worked in some springs into the wire setup so the chippies are “elevated and seismically-isolated in case an earthquake hits the area where the tomb’s buried.

Again, this is just so much effort and energy. I have no choice but to respect it.

I can’t wait for someone to come across this huge sarcophagus tomb thing sometime in the future. Maybe it’ll be in a couple of decades or maybe it’ll be in several generations’ time. It’s such a shame none of us will be alive when the tomb is allowed to be opened in *checks notes* the year 12022.

Imagine what those Cheetos will taste like after the apocalypse though, hope the cockroaches enjoy their preserved snack.

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